We need your your vote.

Voting is open for the People’s Millions competition. Voting is open until midnight and you can vote by calling 0871 626 8871 up to ten times.

People’s Millions is a grants programme partnership between ITV and the Big Lottery Fund and if successful it could help towards opening up parts of the manor by next Spring.

Andrew Mason, a trustee for the manor, said the money will help to make a start on the work which is estimated to be between £2m and £3m.

Andrew said, “The structure of the house has suffered a great deal over the centuries. It’s been attacked by damp and it’s twisted so we need to stiffen the structure and repair that before we can do anything else with the house.”

Wymering Manor is a Grade 2 listed building in Old Wymering Lane. In February this year, it was sold to the Wymering Manor Trust for £1 after failing to sell at auction. Since then the trust, headed by MP for North Portsmouth Penny Mordaunt have worked tirelessly to fundraise and raise awareness. It is the oldest house in Portsmouth and has been mentioned in the Domesday Book.

Mother Juliet, vicar of Wymering Manor and trustee of the manor, said, “The Initial plan is to restore the music room and the kitchen area which is like a little wing of its own. If we can do that it means that the manor can be in use fairly quickly within a few months. Just that area could be there for people to come to – maybe a cafe, function rooms and there’ll probably be education rooms.

“Wymering Manor has seen so many changes. Particularly in an area like the north of Portsmouth where life is quite hard, for many people to have this very special building is very special to everyone.”

The campaign film goes out today (26th November) on Meridian News at 6pm. Telephone 0871 626 8871. 

For more information about the funding, visit www.peoplesmillions.org.uk. More information about the manor can be found at www.wymeringmanortrust.com.


Taken from About My Area, with permission.


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